Slide7This website and blog is devoted to celebrating the beauty and diversity of wine from around the world, and how it can be crafted into delicious wine cocktails.

Mixing wine in a cocktail format is actually an ancient tradition that has occurred throughout the centuries in many wine producing nations.  For example, the Romans used to mix honey and spices into wine, and during Shakespeare’s time in England, many hot wine drinks were developed.

This blog is open to receiving recipes for new wine cocktails from around the world.  Just send your recipe and a photograph of the wine cocktail to blogmaster, Liz@lizthach.com, and we will review for publication.  It must be a new and original wine cocktail recipe – not one you have copied from someone else.  If you would like to publish a traditional recipe from your country, region, or some other source, please make sure to obtain permission to have it published on this site.

We need:

1) Name of Your Wine Cocktail

2) Background/History — how was it developed (obtain written permission to publish if it is not your own recipe)

3) Recipe

4) Photo

5) Your Name, or the name you would like to be published under, and your email address if you want people to contact you.

Thank you!  We look forward to receiving new recipes from you!



Photo Credits: Header Photo purchased from Dreamstime

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