Study Break- White Wine & Strawberry Cocktail

Study Break White Wine Cocktail

Study Break White Wine Cocktail

While studying for exams in college, the stress levels can build. Once you have passed the exam, this is great drink to use for celebration. It’s also fun to drink with friends on a warm day or in a backyard soiree with family.

We modified a recipe by Krystal Kitsh called Trop50 Raspberry Acai Cocktail, by substituting strawberries and peach for raspberry and acai.

History and Background 

Riesling is one of the 5 classic white grapes and is can be made in many styles, ranging from bone dry to very sweet.  It also has one of the highest levels of acidity, making it very food friendly. Riesling has a range of fruit and floral aromas adding to its complexity. It’s this balance of fruit and acidity that makes Riesling so highly prized as a wine grape.

Riesling grapes are used to make many different styles of wines, from dry to semi-sweet to very sweet – even sparking wines. The key difference is how long the grape is left on the vine and how long it is allowed to ferment. The longer the grapes ripen, the more intense their flavors and aromas become. German Riesling grapes are generally harvested in September to make a light, fruity, well-balanced wine. Riesling grapes harvested later are more complex, flavorful, and often used to make late harvest, dessert, and ice wines.

Ingredients for One Serving

  • 2 OZ cold Riesling (We used Schmitt Sohne)
  • 2 ½ OZ cold Peach Strawberry Juice (We used Welch’s)
  • ½ OZ Peach Schnapps
  • Sprite to top it off
  • Frozen Strawberries to keep drink cold
  • Slice of a peach to garnish


Freeze Strawberries before hand. Start out by measuring out 2 oz. of Schmitt Riesling and pour into the glass. You will next measure out 2-½ oz. of Welch’s Peach Strawberry juice; now you may add extra juice depending on how much juice you like and how deep of a pink you want to serve the drink. Next you will add ½ oz. of peach Schnapps. Gently stir what you have added so far then add the strawberries. Next add sprite to top it off. After doing this take the peach and slice it into fourths and then take one of the slices and slice it horizontally on the inside to place it on the glass. Now drink and be merry!

Video: Making of Study Break Cocktail

Contributed by K. Leary and T. Mossbarger


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