Citrus Tang – A White Wine & Ginger Beer Cocktail

Citrus Tang Wine & Beer Cocktail

Citrus Tang Wine & Beer Cocktail

What could be better than a light lemon- lime cocktail on a hot day? Featuring pinot grigio wine and ginger beer, this cocktail is fun and refreshing.


This cocktail is based on a recipe created by Edwina G originally called a Black Thai Spritzer, but we have modified it by adding Ginger Beer and citrus vodka. We selected this cocktail because we are big fans of refreshing lemon lime type drinks.

The ingredients used in this cocktail represents a light and engaging drink that can be consumed year round. Many of the ingredients are actually good for you, which makes it even more enjoyable to drink. For example the ginger beer is made from natural ingredients and the basil is fresh from the garden. The refreshing part comes from the lemon lime soda and citrus vodka. The pinot grigio wine spices up the drink with floral and peach notes.

Ingredients for One Serving

  • 4 oz Pinot Grigio (We used Barefoot)
  • 2oz Citrus Vodka
  • 1oz lemon lime soda
  • 1oz Ginger flavored beer
  • 2 basil leaves

Video: Making a Citrus Tang Cocktail

Contributed by S. & D. Wade



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