Sweet Calistoga Swirl with Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Sweet Calistoga Swirl Wine Cocktail

Sweet Calistoga Swirl Wine Cocktail

This thick and sweet drink is a perfect smoothie blend with that extra kick. The smooth Sauvignon Blanc matched with the beautiful blend of fruits, fruit juices, and cold ice cubes provides a refreshing and filling drink.

This smoothie is perfect in any settings; it can be served in the morning on a luxurious outing, or as a late night dessert snack. Since this cocktail smoothie is little thicker than your regular cocktail it is a drink that is well paired with a meal on the lighter side. A citrus marinated light salmon with rice could go great with this drink!

Background and History

This cocktail is based on a sweet white sangria recipe containing pineapple, orange, peach, lemon, and Riesling. When putting together the recipe for this cocktail we found that the sweet fruity flavor and thick consistency of the peach cocktail mixed well with a sugary dry Sauvignon Blanc from Calistoga. This is where the recipe got it’s name Sweet Calistoga Swirl.

Sauvignon Blanc first gained its recognition in France in the 18th century. It is popular in both the Bordeaux and Loire regions. This drink also holds a lot of history in California, history dating back to the 1800’s. The vine was brought over from Chateau d’Yquem to a Livermore winery known by the name of Cresta Blanca. Charles Wetmore who was the first person to introduce Sauvignon Blanc to California owned this winery.

Ingredients for One Serving

5 parts Sweet Sauvignon Blanc

3 parts orange juice

2 parts peach nectar

1 tbsp agavè

1 whole peach

4 cubes of ice

A squeeze of lemon


Remove the pit from a peach and slice into smaller pieces for preparation before blending. Put the four cubes of ice and peach slices in a blender, pour in the remaining ingredients including the Sweet Sauvignon Blanc, orange juice, peach nectar, agave syrup, then top it off with a squeeze of lemon.

Watch how this cocktail is made here.

Contributed by T. Larsen & J. Duncan



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