Vino Cello Wine Cocktail with Limoncello and Prosecco

Vino Cello Wine Cocktail

Vino Cello Wine Cocktail

This is a drink that is a modification of Bacio de Limone, an Italian cocktail recipe. The drink’s name gets its reference from its Italian translation for “Lemon kiss.” This drink is a great summer time day beverage that is light and refreshingly sweet. This cocktail works perfectly with light and salty foods, such as cheese and crackers or a seafood dish such as a breaded fish fillet. This drink is perfect for all occasions, it’s great for outdoor leisurely activities, and can be an excellent match with dinners and social outings.


The Prosecco grape, also known as Glera, is a white varietal of Italian origin that has been around since the Roman period. It is a fairly neutral varietal, and is mainly cultivated for use in sparkling wines. Prosecco can be mixed in to cocktails that can be a great substitute for much more expensive drinks such as Champagne. Prosecco came on strong in the U.S. in 2000, and has seen rapid increase in its sales ever since.

Ingredients for One Serving

  • 2 Parts Limoncello
  • 4 Parts dry Italian Prosecco (we used La Marca)
  • Crushed Ice or Cubed Ice
  • Rosemary Garnish
  • Lemon Garnish
  • Can add an extra part Limoncello to make drink a little more sweet

Video on How to Make Vino Cello

Contributed by K. Beranis and J. Stushek


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