Luck of the Irish Red Port Cocktail

Luck of the Irish Wine Cocktail

Luck of the Irish Wine Cocktail

This is a great wine cocktail to have on a cool night when the fog is swirling around the house, or the snow is gently falling.  Ideally you would sip this warm drink by a flickering fire with good friends, or snuggling up with someone special.


We are both Irish, so we wanted to find a way to incorporate Ireland into a cocktail.  We came to the conclusion that there is nothing more Irish then Baileys.  Therefore we started looking around to find cocktails that included Baileys with wine.  We only found one cocktail and it was a shot of 1-part Baileys and 1-part Red Wine.  We wanted to make a full drink though.  So we thought what would go well with this.  Since Chocolate goes well with wine and Baileys and Hot Chocolate is a popular drink, we thought this had to work.  We were a little nervous at first but it actually shocked us and turned out to taste really good.


  • 5 oz Baileys
  • 5 oz Port or a Heavy Red Wine
  • 5 oz Hot Chocolate
  • Garnish with Whipped Cream


First heat up the hot chocolate.  Next pour the Baileys into the cup.  Then pour the wine into the cup.  Top off cup with hot chocolate.  Stir the drink until mixed.  Do not shake.  Garnish drink with Whipped Cream.

Video Showing How to Make Luck of the Irish Wine Cocktail

 Contributed by T. Lynch & B. Sando



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