Funky Fresh Fleur De Lis – A Red Wine Cocktail with New Orleans Style

Flunky Fresh Fleur de Lis Wine Cocktail

Funky Fresh Fleur de Lis Wine Cocktail

This drink recipe was actually found while I was cleaning my wine glasses. I have a wine glass that I got in New Orleans that has a recipe on the bottom of the glass. The brand is called Lolita, and they are sold at small boutiques across the United States. The main distribution center is located in California. I saw the recipe on the bottom of the glass and instantly wanted to try it out, but we have modified it a bit to make it our own.

The Funky Fresh Fleur De Lis is very refreshing and perfect for a nice spring day. It’s simple to make, and has tasteful fruit flavors. The tequila gives it a nice kick, while the wine mellows the drink.


The origin of the drink and where it comes from is unsure. We have not been able to find the exact place where this drink was originated, but due to her characteristics we think it is highly likely the drink came from New Orleans. We found that this drink is found on a few restaurants menus that are located in New Orleans. Due to the sweet and sour mixture there is in the drink along with the mix of tequila, triple sec, and red wine there isn’t anything else that says Bourbon Street like this drink. Along with a hurricane and a hand grenade this drink blends in nicely with the style and feels New Orleans has.

Recipe & Ingredients

We have modified the recipe to use Camarena Tequila, Cupcake Pinot Noir, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour mix, Sprite, and lime slices to garnish. To make this cocktail our own, we decided to add a tiny bit of Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit Vodka. We believe the grapefruit will bring out the fruit flavors in the pinot noir. We decided to rename the drink to “Funky Fresh Fleur De Lis”. The “Fresh” recognizes the freshness in the newly added grapefruit vodka.

1 ounce Tequila – Camarena

1 Ounce Red Wine – Cupcake Pinot Noir

¼ Ounce Triple Sec

¼ Ounce of Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit Vodka

1.5 ounce Sweet and Sour Mix

1/2 cup of Sprite or Lemon Lime Soda

Garnish with Lime Slice


Here is the link to the making of the Funky Fresh De Lis– enjoy!

Created by T. Steele & H. Camplell 





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