What are the Best Wine Cocktails?

Wine Cocktail Dog Helpers

Wine Cocktail Dog Helpers

The results of the Wine Mixology contest are in! After 3 months of research on creating new and original wine cocktails, wine business students at Sonoma State University and Texas Tech University were ready to show off their creations. A total of 33 wine cocktails were submitted, and then voted upon by the students to identify the 6 most creative. Then a panel of five master judges evaluated these blind and selected the top 3 winning cocktails. The winners are:

  • 1st Place – Lavender Lady, an elegant cocktail with sparkling wine, lavender and fresh lemon; created by Laina Carter and Jessica Piel from SSU
  • 2nd Place – Tasteful Blush, a colorful cocktail with sparkling wine and pomegranates, created by Itze Pena-Andrade and Miranda Aswad from SSU
  • 3rd Place – Mendoza Margarita, a fun twist on a margarita with red wine, created by Connor Hudspeth and Kady Augustus from Texas Tech

Panel of Master Judges and Coordinators

The judges included Ian Cauble, MS, Gillian Balance, MS, James Tidwell, MS, Melissa Monosoff, MS, and Tim Hanni, MW. Professors of wine business, Dr. Liz Thach, MW from Sonoma State and Dr. Natalia Velikova from Texas Tech, hatched up the idea for the friendly wine mixology competition. “We are very pleased with the results,” reported Thach, “and the students appeared to have lots of fun with the project.” Yes,” agreed Velikova, “just watch the videos they created for each wine cocktail on the website.”

See full Press Release here.


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