Champiña Colada – A Sparkling Wine, Fresh Pineapple and Coconut Cream Cocktail

Champiña Colada  Wine Cocktail

Champiña Colada Wine Cocktail

The champiña colada was inspired by the piña colada cocktail. The piña colada has been the official beverage of Puerto Rico since 1978. The piña colada is a tropical classic cocktail associated with vacation, based on the pineapple and coconut flavors. The addition of California champagne enhances the taste of the ingredients without compromising any of the flavors. If you are interested in a refreshing tropical cocktail that reminds you of that beach vacation you have been thinking about, then make this cocktail, close your eyes and take a sip.


There are four different theories as to the origin of the piña colada. The most accepted theory came from 1954 in The Caribe Hilton, San Juan Puerto Rico. Ricardo Garcia was a bartender serving Coco Locos which is a mix drink that contains coconut juice, rum, and cream of coconut, this cocktail was served in a fresh coconut. One day the coconut-cutters went on a union strike, which left Don Ricardo with out coconuts. So instead of serving his Coco Loco in a coconut he poured his cocktail into a fresh pineapple. He noticed that the pineapple gave his coco loco a great taste. So then he experimented and strained a pineapple to get the juice and mixed it with his drink, which was the birth of the piña colada (which means Strained Pineapple).

Ingredients (for one serving)

  1. Two parts (100ml) of Malibu Rum
  2. Three parts (150ml) of Korbel Sec California Champagne
  3. One part (50ml) of Coconut Cream
  4. Four parts (200ml) of Pineapple Juice from a fresh pineapple
  5. Ice


  1. Cut top off pineapple and extract pineapple from husk using pineapple slicer
  2. Blend pineapple using ½ cup of water
  3. Strain four parts of pineapple juice into cocktail shaker
  4. Add two parts of Malibu Rum, three parts of Korbel Sec California Champagne, and one part of Coconut Cream
  5. Add ice and shake the cocktail
  6. Pour and enjoy

YouTube Link How How to Make the Wine Cocktail

Contributed by O. Contreras and H. Palafox


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