Cucumber Mint Blanc Fizz – A White Wine Cocktail

Cucumber Mint Blanc Fizz

Cucumber Mint Blanc Fizz

A Cucumber Mint Blanc Fizz is the perfect cocktail you envision sipping while laying out in the sunshine on a calm, spring afternoon. The mouthwatering combination of the cool cucumber aromatics of this drink paired with the fresh additions of mint and lime will entice the senses and leave you thirsty for more. One of the ingredients in this drink is sugar, however, do not be fooled because it does not seem sweet. The mellow flavors from the Fume Blanc and cucumber balance nicely with the bright acidity of the lime. The sparkling wine gives the drink a crisp quality and leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth long after your last sip.


The alcoholic beverages help to provide the foundation for this drink. We used a 2012 Fume Blanc from local winery, Chateau St. Jean, as well as a non-vintage Cava Brut Reserve from Spain. Chateau St. Jean gets the grapes for their Fume Blanc from one of their vineyards in Russian River Valley, California. Fume Blanc is simply another name for Sauvignon Blanc, created after Mondavi experimented with a drier style of this varietal in the late 1960s. The name stuck and now wines that bear the title of “Fume Blanc” typically lean more towards Loire Valley wines that are more elegant in style than a traditional Bordeaux style Sauvignon Blanc.

The Cava Brut Reserve grapes are from the Dibon vineyard in Penedes, Spain which is currently in the process of becoming fully organic. This sparkling wine is a brut, which means it has between three and seven grams of sugar per pint. It consists of three different grapes: 45% Macabeo, 25% Xarel-lo, and 30% Parellada and was made Methode Traditionelle, which means it went through a secondary fermentation in the bottle to get the bubbles.


4 oz. of Fumé Blanc

4 oz. of Cava

1 oz. of cucumber water

½ oz. of lime juice

2 teaspoons of sugar

A dash of mint leaves 


First, we create the cucumber water by chopping up a fresh cucumber into thin slices and blend them. Blend until the slices begin to liquify and strain out a ½ ounce of cucumber water and pour into shaker. Add about four ounces of Fumé Blanc to shaker, along with the ½ ounce of lime juice, a few mint leaves, and two teaspoons of sugar. Add ice and shake until well mixed. Pour the drink from shaker into a glass and top with four ounces of the Cava Brut Reserve. Add additional mint leaves to taste or garnish by adding slices of cucumber to the rim of the glass of the finished drink.

Video of How to Make this Wine Cocktail

Contributed by A. Armstong & W. Theirsch


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